Secession – The Ignored Solution

Tom Woods, Rockwell, Ron Paul, & Judge Nap on the option of secession to achieve a more freedom based society.

Orwellian Neologism

Mister Metokur Mix on Internet Self-Censorship.

Conglomerate of Groupthink

Video compilation on the conglomerate of groupthink we are currently witnessing and the importance of free speech.

Owen Benjamin – Two Types of People

Impeccable joke by Owen here. It’s so true, and you can always tell in discussions who is looking for the truth and which one is name calling, moving goalposts, & and trying to bully others into adopting their world view.

Building a Business

It’s incredible how much people overlook the risk business owners take to become successful not to mention the roadblocks put in by big government. Narrated by the great comedian/libertarian Dave Smith.